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building business solutions for skype

Skype Certified

For Businesses that already have office phone systems

PrettyMay Skype PBX Gateway can be used as a Skype trunking solution for your existing PBX phone systems, it enables all business to make and receive Skype calls without breaking the existing phone systems, simply add several Skype inbound and outbound lines to route SkypeIn calls into your phone system, and make cheap Skypeout calls from your extensions.

For Small Businesses that needs a Skype PBX phone system

PrettyMay Skype PBX Gateway also can be used as a stand-alone Skype based PBX phone system for small businesses, it offers full features that a proprietary hardware PBX / PABX includes, also supports Skype services and traditional PSTN network. It's truly affordable, easy to set up, simple to use and maintain.

A Skype Gateway to PBX solution offers numerous benefits

Lower phone bills for employees and callers

Employees can make outbound calls through Skype lines, and benefits from the cheap Skypeout/Unlimited call rates.
With Skype web-click call service, Skype users can dial into your phone system for FREE.
With SkypeIn number, international callers call that number to route into your phone system at the local call rate.

Rapid return on investment

Without replacing your existing phone system, just "plugin" the PMPGS, then play it few weeks, you will realize the big savings on long-distance and international calls.

Works with any Analog/IP PBX

PMPGS works with any PBX that has analog extension ports.

Branch Office Connection

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Enabling remote extensions at branch offices in different locations transfer calls between each other for FREE, just like they are located in the same office.

A Windows Based Skype PBX phone system offers numerous benefits

Skype-enabled phone system

Skype is the world's largest VOIP network with over 200 million users, and PMPGS seamlessly supports Skype services such as:
Using Skype Web-click call service to receive FREE calls from Skype users.
Using SkypeOut / Unlimited Call Service to make cheap world-wide calls to landlines and mobiles.
Using a central SkypeIn number to receive up to 30 simultaneous calls from landlines and mobiles at the same time.

Easy to set up

Just follow the instructions step by step, after finishing the installation, pick up the phone to make a test call to a pre-set number.

Make & Receive calls via regular PSTN & Skype lines

With a Sangoma Analog (FXS/FXO) phone card installed, calls from regular PSTN lines can be routed into the phone system, also, legacy analog phones can be used to take/make calls through Skype lines.

PBX/Gateway Features

  • Supports up to 24 simultaneous lines
  • IVR
  • Auto Attendant
  • Automatic Call Distribution(ACD)
  • Voicemail
  • Call Queuing
  • Call Routing
  • Call Transfer
  • Call Logging
  • Call Recording
  • Music on Hold
  • Ring Groups
  • Central Phonebook
  • Dial By Name
  • Out of Hours settings
  • Outbound calls
  • Multilingual Voice Prompts

Skype Features

  • Free Skype to Skype calls
  • Wordwide SkypeIn numbers
  • Cheap SkypeOut Calls
  • Inbound/Outbound CallerID
  • Supports Skype3.8/4.0


  • Supports Sangoma A200/B600 series cards

How PrettyMay works as a Skype Gateway?

How PrettyMay works as a stand-alone Skype PBX?


  • From 2 to 24 ports supported, mixing FXO and FXS interfaces, as required.
  • Single synchronous PCI interface for all 24 FXO/FXS ports.
  • Four RJ11 ports per Remora?card.
  • Dimensions: 2U Form factor: 120 mm x 55 mm for use in restricted chassis.
  • Short 2U compatible mounting clips available for installation in 2U rack-mount servers.
  • 32 bit bus master DMA data exchanges across PCI interface at 132Mbytes/sec for minimum host processor intervention.
  • Autosense compatibility with 5 V and 3.3 V PCI busses.
  • Fully PCI 2.2 compliant, compatible with all commercially available motherboards, proper sharing of PCI interrupts.
  • Intelligent hardware: Downloadable Field Programmable Gate Array programming with multiple operating modes. Field upgradeable so that new features can be added when they become available.
  • Power: 800mA peak, operational 300 mA max at +3.3 V or 5 V.
  • Temperature range: 0 - 50°C.


  • FXO port: Software AEC(Acoustic Echo Cancellation), Noise Suppression, Auto Gain Control, CallerID(FSK Type1), DTMF Tones Detection/Generation, Busy Tone/Congestion Tone Detection

  • FXS Port: Onhook/Offhook Detection, DTMF Tones Detection


FCC Part 15 Class A, FCC Part 68, and EN 55022 Class A.
Technical certifications in Russia and Malaysia.


The A200 consists of a Remora?daughterboard mounted on the AFT PCI card. The Remora card has two sockets each of which can accept a FXO-2 or FXS-2 module. Each FXO-2 or FXS-2 module supports two FXO or FXS lines, respectively.Up to five additional Remora?daughterboards can be mounted in empty slot positions beside the A200 assembly,connected to the A200 by a backplane bus connector.

Production Quality

ISO 9002


Lifetime parts and labor on hardware. PLUS a 30-day "no questions asked" return policy.

Skype Lines 4 8 16 24
PC Server CPU: Intel Pentium D 2.8G or faster
RAM: 1 GB+
HDD: 5 GB Free space

CPU: Intel Core™ E6550 2.33G or faster
RAM: 2 GB+
HDD: 5G Free space
CPU: Intel Core™ Extreme QX9650 3.0G or faster
RAM: 4 GB+
HDD: 5G Free space
CPU: Intel XEON 5410 2.33G or faster
RAM: 4 GB+
HDD: 5G Free space
Operating System Windows XP/Server 2003/Vista/Server 2008 32bit
Skype version Skype 3.8/Skype 4.0
Network Connection Download: >= 0.8 Mbps
Uplink: >= 128 Kbps
Download: >= 1.6 Mbps
Uplink: >= 256 Kbps
Download: >= 3.2 Mbps
Uplink: >= 512 Kbps
Download: >= 4.8 Mbps
Uplink: >= 768 Kbps
Sangoma Hardware1~24 FXO/FXS ports

* A sound device (either a physical sound card or virtual audio cable software) is required for Skype audio calls.

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